I'm glad you dropped by . . . My name is Carroll Brown and I've made my living performing popular and original acoustic music since 1974. For those who don't know me, my musical talents have been described as very good and my shows and recordings are lively and entertaining and contain songs and stories of real people and events. I play a good guitar, write a decent song and sing on pitch. My projects are professionally recorded and seldom disappoint the buyer. For those of you who know me, thanks for dropping by, as well. Let me know if you don't find what you need here. I hope to see you again (or get a chance to meet you) soon.

Most of my work is performed solo in Irish music pubs and events throughout the American southeast. Many of these events are filled with college kids and some cater to older folks. Musically, myself . . . and my bands are based in Charleston, SC. Many shows include what we call "Country and Eastern" which is coastal folk and country music. It is actually just a mixture of regional and popular favorites. I don't play with any electronic side equipment and I don't crack up any guitars in my show, but many listeners go out of their way to come back again and bring parents and friends. This is part of what motivates me to continue to do what makes my living.

Other information about my performances, traveling (including Ireland) and recordings can be found on this website. For now, I'll just say . . . I'm glad you found me here and I hope to see you sometime soon!

All The Best,

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