1. River of Love
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(David Reuter, Carroll Brown)
Silver Star Music, BMI / Second Circle Music

If my old compadres could see me now
They'd really have a laugh on me
With a bucket of bait in cut off and boots
Poling down this deep water creek
See I used to live my life on the mountain high
Where the water runs shallow and loud
I was tossed by the wind and current events
And I never did fit in with that crowd

River of love roll on down to the sea
Tell me that you'll never run dry
Carry me down to where the water runs deep
Safe in your harbor tonight

I might have joined the Navy but I'd seen the world
And I like having my feet on the ground
I'm getting tired of living like a vagabond
And I think I might be settling down

I'll raise a glass of brandy for old time sake
And along with it I'll swallow some pride
But the air here is warm and the water is calm
And I've got the love of my life by my side